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A treat for both the eyes and the taste buds with our delectable Milk Chocolate Lips. These luscious lips are handcrafted from scratch and dipped into a steamy pot of rich, creamy milk chocolate. Choose your accent chocolate of choice to create a personalized and irresistible combination. Each lip is finished off with a shimmering pearl, marking the sweet spot of this delectable confection. With each bite, you'll be left wanting more of these irresistible Milk Chocolate Lips.

Milk Chocolate Lips

Flavor/Color Cum
  • All waffle orders will have a minimum 2 days out order pick-up date.

    **Please select a day and time when ordering.

  • Brighton -Map
    Prairie Center Shopping Center
    (I-76 & Eagle Pkwy)

    North Thornton -Map
    Larkridge Shopping Center
    (I-25 & Hwy 7)

The home bakery that's all about making you laugh... and drool!  Our desserts are so good, they'll have you begging for more.
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