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Treat yourself and your partner to a romantic and playful experience with our Intimate Package.. This package includes a delicious waffle for you and your loved one to enjoy together, perfect for satisfying those sweet cravings. In addition to the sweet treat, the package also includes intimate scratch ticket games to add some excitement and spice to your bedroom.

2 Waffles
1 Sex Scratch Ticket
1 Lucky Scratch Ticket
1 Love Me Lotto
1 Lick Me Lotto
1 set (2 cards) Bedroom Bingo

$25 - 1 Tip/1 Lips 
$24 - 2 Lips
$26 - 2 Tips


Intimate Package

Waffle #1 - Choose your Chocolate
Waffle #1 - Choose Cum Color
Waffle #2 - Choose your Chocolate
Waffle #2 - Choose Cum Color
  • All waffle orders will have a minimum 2 days out order pick-up date.

    **I will confirm all orders within 2 hours to ask you what day, time and location you'd like for pick up your order.

  • Brighton -Map
    Prairie Center Shopping Center
    (I-76 & Eagle Pkwy)

    North Thornton -Map
    Larkridge Shopping Center
    (I-25 & Hwy 7)

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